Think Small

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Room to Grow 

Simple ways to grow beyond the walls 

Livin' Large 

Jacki Cronin's footprint may be small, but it is the larger landscape that fuels her passions.

Originally a triathlete, Jacki also enjoys dirt riding, trail running, and adventuring in the Western North Carolina mountains, her newly adopted home state.

 Do you hear fiddle tunes floating from her 224 square foot home? It's not her Spotify mix — it's just Jacki sawing away on her viola!

Without further delay, here is Jacki.

Five Questions 


What are you most passionate about?
I’m passionate about being outside, seeing new places (I love learning the history behind everywhere I’ve been!), and love to constantly be learning.

Learning Spanish is something I’ve put a lot of time into lately. An older woman here at the tiny home village has been helping me speak the language more while working together in the community garden! Gardening is new to me too so this has been fun!

How has the coronavirus impacted you and your family?
My job usually involves a lot of travel, I work at Spartan and Ironman expos throughout the year. With everything postponed or canceled now I’m just working from home. We’ve been primarily working on sharing more about our professional athletes and ambassadors while everyone is stuck at home.

What would you like to encourage others to do?
I would encourage people to live with less and in smaller spaces!! I spent a year living in our AltRed sprinter van in 2018. We were an IRONMAN partner so I went to as many races in the US as I could. It was exhausting but an awesome experience.

In December 2018 I got a huge upgrade which was a 224 sq ft tiny home that I’d spent months designing. Don’t worry, it has room for 3 bikes inside. Living tiny leaves you more time, more financial freedom, and forces you to spend as much time as possible outside!

What are you looking forward to?
I’m just waiting on a few more parts to arrive before I can build up my new YetiSB100 this week!!

What is your favorite Kitsbow piece?
My first order of Kitsbow is on its way! I can’t wait to order more too… even though the weather is getting warmer, the Icon will be next and I’m pretty excited about it.