Threads: Meet Our Partner Schoeller Technologies


Kitsbow is built on passion, innovation, and a driving desire to reshape the mundane. We choose partners who carve out similar goals, ones who redefine the apparel landscape and who, in our partnership, help us craft the tools for long rides, short rides, and in general, any occasion to see the world by bike. We sweat, and we also sweat the details, because we believe in a job well done.

Schoeller of Switzerland shares our passion for craft and quality in textile design, providing us a platform to build better products for nature’s most challenging moments. Take for instance Schoeller’s coldblack, used on our just-released All/Mountain Men’s Ventilation Cycling Jersey.

Kitsbow Men's A/M Ventilation Jersey

It’s a confounding material to the naked eye, from its look to its feel. The color black in hot weather on most apparel brands’ products is to be avoided for its tendency to build up heat more quickly than other colors. But this isn’t the case with coldblack; it not only reduces heat buildup, it stays cool to the touch, brings UV protection all in a heat-defying black colorway.

Coldblack isn’t Schoeller’s only trick; the brand is expanding all the time into materials and textiles that help the lifestyle cyclist stay dry, warm, and protected. Kitsbow takes Schoeller’s foundation and builds a finished product you can be ecstatic about using – on the trail or in everyday life.

Kitsbow Men's A/M Ventilation Jersey

Our obsession doesn’t stop with technology. We are concerned with how a better fit serves your rides. Our tailored designs reduce bulk and provide a different experience. Much like our textile choices we look for details that reshape our rides. Riding is our style, our lifestyle, and our passion. The All / Mountain  Ventilation cycling jersey is proof of how technology and attention to detail become unified.

Kitsbow style defines our nature, our riding, and our passion to provide the best we can. The allure of the bike is the attraction to betterment, always striving for improvement and tackling the technical. Our motivation on the bike parallels our motivation in our craft, always seeking improvement. We are the obsessives.

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