Trail Mentor

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Five questions to a teacher and mentor.



One thing is certain, though separation is hard for all of us, it is especially hard for those whose passion is serving kids.

For Sarah — mom, cyclist, teacher, and Little Bellas ride leader — she can't wait to get out there with the young 'uns. But not before the time is right.

Meet Kitsbow Ambassador Sarah Olsen.


What are you most passionate about?
I’m really passionate about mentoring and youth development — especially when it comes to sharing my love cycling and running with our youth. I'm amazed to watch the growth when kids are supported and encouraged through sport!

What kind of riding do you like to do? 
I enjoy all forms of riding — from road bikes to dirt bikes!  I also love to hit the WNC trails in Pisgah, Dupont, Mills River and Bent Creek (oh, and let's not forget, Kitsuma). I love the camaraderie — there was a marked change in my life outlook when I found the bike and the community that came along with it. Though I enjoy the fitness aspect, I absolutely, 110% love, the adventure and freedom that the bicycle provides.

Are you spending time outside while social distancing? 

While social distancing and COVID-19 can be challenging, I really think the universe is providing us with time to pause, slow down and take care of ourselves, and to get outside!....6 feet away from others, of course!

What are you looking forward to?

I'm so so so excited to rock our 4th year of 
Little Bellas! This will be our biggest year yet and I'm stoked to get all of the girls out onto the trails. We've got so many amazing girls and mentors coming out this year!

What is your favorite Kitsbow piece?
Right now, my favorite piece from Kitsbow is the All Mountain Jersey. It's so comfortable and durable, yet it has a certain level of fanciness to it — it's like office wear for the trail. I also really, really, really like the Tsali Merino Shorts.


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