Welcoming new Obsessive Ava Frances

by Horacio November 03, 2014

One of the reasons we got into making mountain biking apparel is because of great experiences with products we really love and companies that were doing things right. Those moments are inspiring. Our goals for Kitsbow come from wanting to create those kinds of experiences. So, when we received this letter from our customer, Andy, it really made our hearts sing. This is one of those letters that fuels us ever onward. Read Andy’s letter below.





Kitsbow Team:

As a relatively new business, I’m sure you wonder what impact your work has on your customers. I recently ordered the new Icon shirt and I am absolutely stoked on it as my go-to fall riding piece here in the Pacific Northwest.  That’s only where the story begins…

This past Sunday I went out on an afternoon ride on a beautiful day here in Seattle.  The loamy singletrack made it easy to find my flow in my new Kitsbow A/M shorts.  As I was navigating a tight switchback, I felt my mobile phone buzz and ring in my pack.  I pulled over to the side of the trail and it’s my wife Sara. She calmly tells me that I need to come as soon as possible, because her water just broke and our baby girl (our first child) will be arriving a few weeks early.  I throw my phone in the A/M shorts’ side pocket and I hammer back to my car. We quickly got to the hospital and our 24-hour adventure of labor began. Luckily, Sara is a mountain biker too and she handled this endurance effort with relative ease.  At 4:59 on Monday, October 20th, Ava Frances Rigel arrived into the world, super tiny, but with long legs that are destined to be great for pedaling.

How does this story relate to Kitsbow? The entire journey for me was experienced while wearing my Kitsbow Icon shirt.  We spent several days in the hospital and my Icon was always on or nearby. See the attached photo of Ava and I while we were still at the hospital.

In short, what you do has an impact in ways you don’t even imagine. Keep doing what your doing. I’m a loyal customer and will soon need to order Sara her own Kitsbow kit when she gets back on her mountain bike and can tell me what sizes she needs.

Thanks and keep enjoying the ride!

Andy Rigel

Co-Owner Mafia Racing and NW Regional Team Manager


We love to hear from you, our customers. Of course, a vivid picture of how our products touch your life, or a pat on the back when we’re doing something right are great, but we also love to hear when we miss the mark and could do something better, or when you think we’re the perfect folks to tackle a need not being met. In any event, we appreciate that you engage so we can have the dialog.

– Team Kitsbow


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