We're Ready to Spill the Dirt

by Beth Donovan

Haskell Pants

 No journey is complete without challenges. And the only way to get better at anything is to accept what we don’t know, or to acknowledge being on the wrong path. At Kitsbow we embrace this as part of our culture. The Spillin’ the Dirt series highlights this process, and the people who are the heroes on this journey!

We made a commitment to sew all of our products in-house here in Old Fort, NC, yet the Haskell Pants & Haskell Shorts were originally produced in Vietnam. When we made the decision to re-launch the Haskells, we quickly realized that bringing an existing product in-house meant to completely redesigning it.

"This is the first time we’ve made this product in the USA. We had to do a complete overhaul of the original pattern to begin to understand what our base pattern even looked like. This involved a lot of time invested in figuring out how to make the Haskells manufacturable for our factory here in Old Fort."

-- Jessie, Director of Production at Kitsbow

Moving into the development and the transformation, we we focused on usability, fit, and offering a large variety of sizes.

Fit: Re-working the pattern gave us the opportunity to dial in fit.

Usability: The pocket storage has been updated to accommodate the newest (and largest) phones. The belt loops are durable and made using the same techniques that high-end pant companies use.

Team Work: The Greatest Transformation of them all. With every single product launch, we've learned something new. We were able to put all of that learning into practice with the Haskell Pant.

“It was an entire team effort to get us here. There’s not anyone in this building that didn’t put time and energy into this pant. This shows that we’re functioning together as a team in a way that we haven’t ever before.” 

-- Jessie, Director of Production at Kitsbow

After going through many iterations, wear-testing, and re-engineering, the Haskell Pants that we launched are truly the best pants we have ever made. Changing how apparel is made is hard, but it’s well worth the effort. And now that these pants are now made to order, you can find your perfect size.

Help us change an industry, build a community, and save the world.


Sewn with Pride

Haskell Pants

Haskell Short 11"

Haskell Short 8"