#whyMTB Chapter 1: The Pioneer

by Zach June 05, 2013

Why do we ride? What does it mean to mountain bike? Simple questions really, but ones with a multitude of a subjective answers — easily as many as there are mountain bikers. The more we thought about this ourselves, casual discussions would turn into a late night in the office or a longer pause at the top of a local climb. If the individual exploration meant so much to us, why not ask our friends? Why not ask those who influence and inspire us to share their own stories?

The “Meaning of Mountain Biking (“#whyMTB” for the sake of our social media channels)” is a new Kitsbow video series exploring the uniquely personal relationships that we have with the sport of mountain biking. These individual two-wheeled journeys are collections of stories: first times, accomplishments, failures, and of course all the different bikes themselves. We found the answer to every “how?” and “why?” resonated as part of the greater consciousness of mountain biking itself — the very same consciousness that holds aloft the fabric and aspirations of Kitsbow.

The very first episode in what we plan to be a continuing series of video shorts, begins in the Santa Rosa garage belonging to none other than Scot Nicol of Ibis Cycles. With a pedigree in mountain biking as long as the sport has been in existence, “Chuck Ibis” has quietly maintained a steady finger on the pulse of the mountain biking’s growth — spreading advocacy and an infectious love for riding while simultaneously driving innovation through Ibis. Scot is also a neighbor to our immediate North, and an early supporter of Kitsbow, so his inclusion for the start of our series was naturally an easy choice. And thankfully, he agrees with our perspective on bike ownership.

For those of you who love Easter Eggs and were wondering where the Ripley got its name — watch closely. Remember you can click here to start the high-definition full-screen player. [zp]

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