Men’s Journal – Best New Cycling Gear for Cooler Weather

by David Billstrom

Fall Preview: Best New Cycling Gear for Cooler Weather

“This Pendleton wool flannel shirt has been in Kitsbow’s lineup for a few years now and during testing it’s proven rugged both while commuting and as an excellent piece for hiking and even as an apres-ski shirt. The USA-woven wool is naturally wind- and water-resistant, and a lot warmer than cotton flannel. Kitsbow adds venting and articulation at the backs of the shoulders, as well as subtle patching at the shoulders and elbows, the better to protect against abrasion if you decide to ride singletrack in the Icon. For us the best application though has been as an everyday piece that flows seamlessly between commuting, coffee shop runs, and weekends chopping wood to build a bonfire. [$195;]”

“…the Geysers’ blends Merino wool and polyester. The fit is more snug, and there are two features we love, including a Napoleon chest pocket in front, which is awesome for easy access to gel, and a waterproof zip phone pocket in the rear. Kitsbow also adds venting at the shoulder blades and ribs, and extra-long sleeves offer better overlap protection with arm warmers. A nice extra is an integrated pump sleeve sewn into the center rear pocket, so it doesn’t rattle around as you pedal. [$169;]”

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