Red Kite Prayer Kitsbow Review

by David Billstrom

We recently sent one of our kits over to Red Kite Prayer and received a warm review about, not only the specific garments sent but also the Kitsbow brand as a whole. As a new comer in the MTB clothing arena we appreciate this kind of coverage.

The first quote that Jumped out at us was “Kitsbow does premium. They don’t do cheap”. We have heard similar before from other editorial outlets but this one is by far the simplest to understand.

For this review, we sent over the Kitsbow Ride Tee a rugged merino jersey, Soft Shell A/M Shorts, and Knicker ¾ base shorts.

Kitsbow Ride Tee:  “Embroidered details give the shirt a degree of class that I don’t see everywhere.”

Soft Shell A/M Short: “The waistband on the Soft Shell A/M Short is cut high in back and low in front, improving comfort when reaching to the bar from the saddle; I’m surprised that more over-shorts haven’t developed this feature.”

The Knicker Base Short: “It’s not uncommon for knickers to be cut too short so that the gripper at the bottom of the leg ends up serving as an anchor to pull the chamois down—despite the assistance of bibs. That these knickers stayed in place was the biggest apparel surprise I’ve encountered since I started RKP.”

“Kitsbow included a high-quality Cytech pad that made rides of three and four hours not just possible, but comfortable”

“The only feature lacking in these knickers is bibs, and even with that one missed detail, they are the best knickers I’ve worn in years.”

Kitsbow in general: I vastly prefer going for quality and having fewer items in my wardrobe. Kitsbow isn’t for people who want low prices, but if having something that will be durable and fits well is your goal, this stuff is truly impressive.

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