The Manual: Road To Adventure: Mountain Biking

by David Billstrom

Road To Adventure: Mountain Biking

“We discovered California brand Kitsbow last year at a trail race at Snowbird Ski Resort. Combining attention to details, classic merino wool, and more technical fabrics into each piece, their mountain biking collection is a functional work of art on the trail. We’ve been riding in the Divide Shirt most recently, and the combination of merino and Schoeller softshell is unbeatable. A few cleverly placed pockets store essentials on short post-work rides, and it is light years ahead of the competition for comfort.

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Combined with the softshell Adjustable All-Mountain Shorts, you’ve got a set of biking apparel that will take you for thousands of miles of trail time. Be prepared for the envious stares you’ll get at the bike shop and bar after your ride.”

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