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Trailcycled is our term for Kitsbow’s cycle of making – beginning with the trail in mind. How we impact the place we love guides our approach. From how our apparel is sourced and constructed and where it’s made; to how it gets to you. It all matters. For us, sustainability is a process of becoming, not arriving, and we're always learning. Join us on this trail.

At Kitsbow we have envisioned sustainable fashion since the beginning. It’s why we decided to make apparel.

We start with apparel designed for durability. For example: if your Kitsbow shorts last twice as long as other shorts, then together, we have impacted the planet half as much. Win.

Can this same pair of shorts be repaired, further lengthening it’s useful life? The answer is yes, and this is renew-reuse-recycle, in the truest sense.

All of our clothes (except socks and gloves) are now made in the U.S.A. Less transportation (from foreign countries) means less impact on the planet. Win Again. And double-win for job creation in the U.S.