Compost This

by Beth Donovan

#trailcycled: Less waste, longer lifecycle.

We've made a sizable leap toward sustainable packaging — from our boxes all the way to our product tags. 

It's one of our top priorities. And partnering with WestRock, The Better Packaging Co, Clear View Bags, Victory Packaging, and Greener Printer make it all possible. 

Now for our shipping bags. No, they're not plastic.

They're made from plants, with a biodegradable binder. They're tough and we encourage you to reuse them, especially for re-shipping. But when it's time, they're safe to be eaten by the little, pink wriggly guys.


Each packaging component — from garment tags to outer labels — is compostable, helping us take steps toward leaving a smaller footprint. 

The tape used to seal your box: Is compostable.

The labels on the outside of your package: Yep same.

The hangtag on your garment: This too.

The twine used on the hangtag: Uh huh!