Made in the US is not enough.

by Beth Donovan


It’s not enough to make our products in the US — how we make our clothing matters just as much.

We are the only outdoor apparel company (that we know of) using lean manufacturing in the US: which for Kitsbow simply means that each garment is made when you’re ready to buy it — perfecting the making process with each order.

Then we perfect it again. And on it goes.

Here’s why it matters: making in this way means we never discard unsold apparel, we slash transportation costs from overseas, and — this is where you come in — we can offer our customers more colors, sizes, and fits, than companies ten times our size.

For example, we now offer our Icon Pendleton® Wool Icon shirt in 182 different size, fit, and color combinations. And we add more nearly every month! 

Lean manufacturing supports this flexibility, and we won’t stop until we offer even more choices in body shape and fit, expanding our top-quality outdoor gear to everyone.

And we’re not declaring victory, not at all. In fact our manufacturing method requires that we never arrive. We can always get better. And our artisans, our workforce, and our community drives this change — one garment at a time.

Even though we are on a journey to be the best we can be, when you buy Kitsbow today, you truly get the best apparel we’ve ever made.