Our Reasoning is -- Circular

by Beth Donovan

#trailcycled: Less waste, longer lifecycle.

The growth of US textile waste outpaces every category of
waste. Driven mainly by a shifting consumer mindset that once viewed clothing as a durable good, but now sees it as disposable.

Along with other brands, Kistbow is on a journey toward an apparel future that is circular: that is, designing waste out of the system.

Kitsbow aims to limit textile waste by engineering garments that will last, and by giving them second and third lives through quality repair.

Furthermore, we've experienced that a Kitsbow garment will do the work of a closet full of similar, but lesser garments. And it will fit better and be enjoyed longer; ensuring that over its lifetime, less clothing will ever reach the recycling pile — or worse.


Good design meets a specific purpose and is considerate of the planet. Which is why every element of a Kitsbow garment — down to zippers and reflective piping — is vetted for quality, style, and durability. This is where the journey to a long lifecycle of continuous use begins.

But how you make it matters just as much. Kitsbow is committed to a Made to Order manufacturing model, which minimizes waste — by making only what is needed — and maximizes our flexibility to serve the customer down to the right color and size.

Kitsbow already makes over 50% of its products in the U.S.A. and is on track to be making all of its products in-house.


This is not the only part of our effort towards sustainability. Stay tuned for more exciting news... as we double-down on #trailcycled apparel.

Questions about Sustainability? Hit us up at info@kitsbow.com