Thinking Within the Box, Kitsbow’s Next Step in Sustainability


Behind the scenes our team has extensively researched and vetted many options for our packaging system. Ultimately, we’re proud of what we’ve chosen.

The first component in this system is the boxes we use to ship your product.

Our boxes use less ink, close with paper tape instead of plastic, and ship with compostable labels — so they can be composted. Yep, they can go directly in the ground.

(Pro Tip: Shredding or tearing the cardboard into strips speeds the compost process!).

The box is made of at least 40% recycled content (25% post-consumer minimum), from a box maker located an hour from Kitsbow. Like our clothing, everything about our box is thoughtful, and meant for the dirt. Literally.

Additionally, we use a quality structure designed for reuse: however, when the box is done, it’s ready for the dirt, truly ready.

But wait, there’s more...

This is our first step for sustainable packaging. We have even more exciting news coming soon, as we double-down on Trailcycled apparel at Kitsbow.