Waste is inevitable, the Landfill is not.

by Kitsbow Sherpa

There are many benefits to sewing in the USA, but the most important is that we dramatically reduce waste. Waste is endemic to the apparel industry: clothes that don’t sell are first marked down, and whatever doesn't sell (as much as 30-40% annually) is then burned or buried in the landfill. It's shocking.
How do we reduce waste? At Kitsbow, we strive to make only what we can sell. By avoiding the guesswork about what will sell and what must be trashed, we harm the planet a little bit less.

And we can be nimble about offering new colors and new styles. We can keep an eye on quality issues since it is our production line. We can obsess about delivering the best possible product with the lowest possible waste.

In the apparel industry, every piece of clothing is made with seams, resulting in scrap fabric. It is inevitable.

Dirty little secret? Much of the apparel industry scrap also goes into the landfill. Not at Kitsbow.
We've been saving our scrap since we moved to North Carolina and we can now recycle all of it via a partnership with Material Return.