We're Ready to Spill the Dirt

by Beth Donovan


And the only way to get better at anything is to accept what we don’t know, or to acknowledge being on the wrong path.

At Kitsbow we embrace this as part of our culture.

The Spillin’ the Dirt series highlights this process, and the people who are the heroes on this journey! 

The Challenge 

After eighteen months of working to create a compostable packaging solution, we thought we were finished (for the moment anyway) — but we weren't. One little piece of paper in our all of our outgoing packages didn't measure up.  

The Pitfall 

The Maker Card captures the signatures of all who had a hand in making your garment — from cutting and sewing to finishing. It is next to the garment in importance. It's a true inventory of craft. And since compostable packaging is our goal, the fact that we were using a bleached recyclable card stock, stuck in our craw. It was not compostable, therefore, we weren't done yet.

The Transformation 

The solution was easy to envision, however the sourcing and vetting of a vendor who could complete our specifications proved far more tricky. In the end, we landed on a card that is recycled post-consumer paper and consumer-compostable, and printed with vegetable-based ink.

Now all the parts meet our initial goal, but we are never done, of course.


The Journey Continues 

In our efforts toward a sustainable packaging system, the Maker Card was the last piece to get implemented, but it won't be the final. We're surely missing something else, and each part can always be better. 

Our culture of Lean Manufacturing demands we constantly evaluate our approach.

It’s human nature to be complacent, we choose not to be.