HiLine Midweight Glove

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**Note: These gloves are unisex. Follow the highlighted "Men's" measurements for best fit.
  • We couldn’t help notice the rugged Mechanix Wear gloves in the wild, loved by riders but lacking the features specific to riding. We met the team at Mechanix Wear, because they were Kitsbow customers. The next step was obvious.


    • All Mountain
    • Cross Country/Race
    • Damp Climate
    • Mild Climate
    • Warm Climate
    • Cold climate

HiLine Midweight Glove

There is a Rider who wants only what is necessary for grip, cockpit protection, and comfort. The HiLine uses a form-fitting strap to firmly place the glove on the hand, eliminating any gaps. Mechanix leather provides extra protection to the palm, without sacrificing “feel” and control of the handlebar.

Whether whipped by brush and branches, or the constant jar of a gravel surface, the HiLine provides a barely-there cushion against the hard ride. The back and front of each finger is drilled for ventilation, to provide for moisture escape when your hands get sweaty. If they get sweaty.

Specified by Kitsbow rider and product insights: built and designed by Mechanix Wear. 

Fabrication & Features

  • Mechanix goat leather chosen for optimal comfort and performance
  • Flashy mesh fourchettes (the panels between the fingers) add airflow and ventilation while increasing flexibility
  • Extra support for knuckle protection
  • Velcro wrist cinch strap for precise closure and added breathability when open
  • Unmatched touch screen compatibility 
  • Designed with minimal seams in the fingertips for better sensitivity
  • Extra pad on outer palm for optimal comfort/confidence when you need it
  • Imported (Vietnam)

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