Men's Night Vision Tee

  • Part of our new shirt collection, this graphic tee is designed with 36 hours in mind. No need for a plane ticket, five weeks vacation, or special equipment. Simply clear the next 36 hours, pack up some gear, take the local transit as far as you can and start pedaling --into the open space. Things near become far. The night becomes part of the day. Even the local flow trail becomes exotic when you camp beside it. Simple, easy, fun. 


    • Warm climate
    • Lifestyle

NOTE: Because this product is in the Last Chance Zone, it cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.

Night Vision

It's hard to describe the feeling of pedaling into the tunnel of your headlight. If you've done it before, you know. Time slows down. Senses sharpen. Something so familiar suddenly seems brand new. We set out to capture the visual of the trail by head light.


Fabrication & Features

  • Night Vision theme
  • Kitsbow on left sleeve
  • Blank Back
  • 100% Cotton
  • Shirt imported (Honduras); designed and printed in the USA (California)

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