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Last Chance Zone

This is where you'll find great gear for the last time, ever.

Because we obsessively develop the best gear there is, we're constantly improving and revising and updating. Which leaves us with perfectly good gear in colors we no longer make, restricted size choices, or simply has been superseded by even better stuff coming soon.

This gives you the chance to get a second set of a favorite item. Snag a color you love (especially when we can't confirm we'll make it again).

Everything here is new, never-worn, fully-warranted and otherwise prize Kitsbow product. As with all of our great product, we'll send it to you (domestically) with FREE SHIPPING.

And yes, products in the Last Chance Zone are marked down -- giving you great prices** for perfectly awesome gear. Notice the customer reviews on these discontinued items: these are much-loved!

**The only exception is that you cannot return or exchange product sold in the Last Chance Zone. Prices ending in "$.33" cannot be returned, for any reason.

$35.00 $14.33