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Adventure Starter Pack - Men


Kitsbow & Swift Industries Present: The Adventure Starter Pack

To plan for that next trip, sometimes we all need a little inspiration—or a kick in the pants! Kitsbow and Swift Industries have curated an Adventure Starter Pack to do just that. Each piece in the collection is proudly made in the USA, supporting small businesses owned and operated by people who are passionate about riding bikes.

This limited edition pack includes a Wanderlust Packer and a Seeker Travel Kit from Swift Industries,

a Cyclone Tee of your color choice,

and a Chris McNally Print.

A $177 value for $149 (while supplies last).

With one part inspiration and two parts preparation, we hope this collection will inspire you to pull out the maps! Valued at $177, this pack is available for $149 while supplies last.



Our crew often rides hard and we are here for you when things go awry. If you crash and trash your Kitsbow, get in touch with us.

If it can be repaired, we'll do that for a reasonable charge. If it can't be repaired (if you were really ripping it), we'll figure out a way to get you back on your bike wearing Kitsbow anyway. Just get in touch. The same policy applies to typical wear and tear: we'll repair it for a reasonable charge (if it can be repaired) or get you back into Kitsbow some other way if it cannot be repaired.