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Now that Spring is finally here, you'll need a little assistance getting warm at the start of every ride. That's where arm and knee warmers come in. The ability to shed the warmers in the middle of the ride means you don't overheat after the fog lifts and day gets warmer. As always with Kitsbow, we've refined these accessories into EXACTLY what you need. Behold the Ridgeline series of arm and leg warmers. Our merino wool version is stretchy and tough while we also have a lighter alternative if wool isn't your jam.

Our merino warmers are built for the slightly cooler days where you need all the benefits of wool. These warmers work great for a full day on the bike while offering the ability to shed a layer. See the Ridgeline Merino Arm Warmer and Ridgeline Merino Knee Warmer

Our synthetic warmers work great for UV protection. Compared to our wool warmer, these offer a lighter weight layer that you can shed just as easily. Take a look at the Ridgeline Arm Warmers and Ridgeline Knee Warmers

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