Kitsbow Obsessive Ambassador Program

We’re looking for fellow Obsessives to join the Kitsbow team. There are just three main qualifications to join:

  1. Care​ a great deal (obsess?) about what you wear when riding a bike. Any bike: MTB but also gravel, road, touring, you name it... in fact, even when you’re not riding a bike such as when you’re climbing, hiking, skiing, camping, rafting, running, or just hanging out.
  2. Can’t help sharing good news​ about gear with others, specifically getting first-timers into Kitsbow apparel. Maybe with a discount, but really because Kitsbow gear simply works better than anything else. Because it’s the best gear for riding a bike (see Rule #1). Because, you know, we obsess about making it great.
  3. Visible​ and audible online, and in real life at events or races. Because you’re interesting and interested. Because you care about things, people, and life. Because people look to you for information and inspiration.

That’s it. Pretty simple.

We’re also looking for feedback based on your expert use of the gear we’ve obsessively designed and produced, so that we can obsess about making it even better in the future. Or, stop and declare victory when you’ve told us we’ve done it, with that particular piece. Both kinds of feedback are invaluable.

What do you get?
  1. Discounted gear
  2. More visibility (we love to promote our ambassadors and what they do)
  3. A discount code you can share with others

Your appointment as an Obsessive Ambassador is good for one year; we re-evaluate everyone each January and start again.

How do you apply?

Download and fill out the following form (Kitsbow Ambassador Application Form). 

We use this form to assess your capabilities on Rules #1, #2 and #3 above. Once completed, please save your application form as a PDF file and submit it in the field below. We will reach out after we have reviewed your submission. 


Get in touch with Glyn at:


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