Tim Nicholls' shop, Cycle Chvrch Cycles, is located just around the corner from our office in Petaluma, California.


Tim is known for bringing life to bikes that have been used and abused. We are big fans of his work and we love stopping by the shop to see what he has in the stand. Give him a follow on instagram: @cyclechvrchcycles.



We are a big fan of Tim and the way he keeps people pedaling. Supporting your local bike shop is more important now than ever before. With easier access to low priced parts, many consumers have voted with their dollar in a way that does not support local shops. At Kitsbow we are proud to say we shop local and support local shops. 


Our Icon shirt is built to take on any adventure. Made with Pendleton® Wool and Sewn in the USA, the Icon is our staple shirt because of the signature Kitsbow fit that you have to wear to feel. 

Read more about The Cycle Chvrch at the Radavist and give Tim a follow @cyclechvrchcycles
The Icon Shirt Icon for Women




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