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How You Can Help in Light of COVID-19

Kitsbow has begun immediate production of medical provider masks and face shields. The response — especially from those offering help — has been truly humbling. Thank you.

Many want to help, some offering to make masks in their homes; and while we deeply appreciate this offer, we cannot do so for these reasons: For us to make the most protective masks possible, our design requires the use of an industrial grade sewing machine. Some of the materials (like HEPA filter sheets) would be compromised without one. Also, we need to ensure that the masks are produced and packed in a protected environment.

Here is how you can help. Masks of Love is calling for both makers and those wishing to make donations of both funds and materials. To find out more about sewing and donating materials, visit Masks of Love's website or their Facebook page.

Please consider donating funds at Masks of Love's gofundme site. Every dollar donated will be put right back into the protection of our health care workers.

Thank you so much for your support.

For more information regarding our PPE efforts here.