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Keeping it Local

Why Kitsbow?

Kitsbow is by riders for riders, founded to create the riding apparel we couldn’t find: A perfect balance of technical performance, timeless design, and impeccable tailoring. We’re proud to offer craftsmanship that keeps you comfortable in all conditions, from trail to town.

Our quality standards are near impossible, but our mission is simple: Create unrivaled gear made with the best materials available. Then keep making it better.

Keeping it Local

Old Fort, North Carolina is our new home. We’ve moved here in part because there is a rich tradition of making things by hand. Building on this tradition, our makers learn new methods of making — we’re not just sewing clothes — we're improving how clothes are made.

Ultimately, our mission is to make riding better, make the apparel industry better, and to be constructive — in every sense of the word.

Why Old Fort?

Kitsbow was founded to make and sell its own product. Doing this at scale required a new location; where makers can earn a living wage, where we have room to grow, and where traditional apparel is still alive.