Meet Pete Becker



I hail from:

2018 National Championship Clemson Tigers

But I am most at home:

Hanging with family and friends 

I pay my bills by:

Directing a Rec Center

I never leave home without:

My bike pump

My three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:

I love them because:

It feels like you can ride in it for days and then wear it out that night.

You see this scar? I got this when I:

I took an elbow to the mouth.  Sometimes you have to work for those charges.

The closest I ever came to dying was:

Rolling the car over only a week after you get your driver’s licenses. 

My favorite place to ride (that I am willing to tell you about) is:

Dupont Ridgeline and Big Rock as that is where my friends got me back into Mountain Biking

My favorite secret spot is:

It’s the spot where your friends blind fold you, put you in the trunk, and then pull you out to ride.

If I ever won an Oscar, my 10-word speech would go like this:

It’s about time I win something!

Lastly, shout out to:

To my wife and two boys.


Without them there may never be any adventures or trips to the hospital.


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