Why are we doing this? Three reasons:
  • We thrive on feedback. Your reviews drive our revision process so we can continue to make the most innovative apparel out there. Take a look at the improved next-gen apparel in our Spring Collection.
  • We love seeing Kitsbow in action, especially when it’s being tested hard. We also love seeing Kitsbow being used for “off label” purposes: fishing in an Icon? packrafting in your Haskells? We want to see it.
  • Knowledge is power, and we want our Kitsbow community to be well-informed. Peer reviews are the most effective way for your fellow riders to learn about the quality, durability, and sheer awesomeness of our gear.
Show and Tell

Please answer the following questions in your video. This is the info we’re really looking for. Creativity is encouraged, but please keep your video under 1 minute.

  • What do you love about your Kitsbow? Point out the details you find most helpful and unique.
  • What do you use it for? How does our gear adapt to your lifestyle?
  • What kind of riding do you do? Do you use your Kitsbow for other purposes off the bike?
  • What kind of weather do you experience in your Kitsbow?
  • What makes our gear special to you? 
Submitting Your Video

Please submit your video file(s) by either;

  1. Emailing us your video file to info@kitsbow.com
  2. Upload your video to any video service such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook, and email us a sharable link to info@kitsbow.com

Please make the subject line of your email: Customer Video Review.
We recommend the following file formats for your video files: .mov, .mp4, .m4v
We will send a confirmation email upon receiving your video submission.

Prize Details

We will be selecting numerous videos to feature on the Kitsbow Journal. If your video is selected, you will receive a $100 Kitsbow Gift Card towards completing your ultimate riding kit and a chance to put our new Spring Collection to the test. 


Limit to three video submissions per entrant.
All reviews should relate to current Kitsbow products that are available on kitsbow.com as of 5/01/18.
All entrants will be emailed a release for unlimited video usage upon submission. This release must be signed and returned in order to be considered for the $100 Gift Card.



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