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Bookwalter One Six Dun Tee

Ships Today (M-F) If Ordered by 3pm EST. Ships Today (M-F) If Ordered by 3pm EST. Ships Today (M-F) If Ordered by 3pm EST.
Since 2014, the Bookwalter Binge has raised funds to support the land conservation work done by Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and introduce riders to a few of Brent and Jamie Bookwalter’s favorite routes in Western North Carolina. Kitsbow is a proud sponsor of the Bookwalter Binge. We invite you to discover the mountains they call home at this year’s Pop Up Binge!

The One Six Dun Tee was created in collaboration with Kitsbow and the Bookwalter Binge to commemorate Brent’s retirement from a storied 16 year professional racing career.

Half of the profit of each shirt sold will be donated to Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.

TS Designs (an over 50-year old North Carolina Company) uses a water-based print and dye process, which eliminates shrinkage and design fade, but more importantly has a lower environmental impact than standard processes.

  • Pre-washed, pre-shrunk, guaranteed to stay soft
  • Distinctive fit. Not a blocky graphic tee
  • Sewn in the USA (North Carolina)


Length (in.) Chest Circumference (in.) Length (cm.)
Chest Circumference (cm.)
S 26.5 18.0 67.3 45.7
M 27.5 19.5 69.9 49.5
L 28.5 21.0 72.4 53.3
XL 29.5 23.0 74.9 58.4
XXL 30.5 25.0 77.5 63.5

Note: These are suggested sizing guidelines. Please reach out with any specific questions regarding sizing. We advise following your 'typical' tee size.


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If it can be repaired, we'll do that for a reasonable charge. If it can't be repaired (if you were really ripping it), we'll figure out a way to get you back on your bike wearing Kitsbow anyway. Just get in touch. The same policy applies to typical wear and tear: we'll repair it for a reasonable charge (if it can be repaired) or get you back into Kitsbow some other way if it cannot be repaired.