Kitchel Lightweight Glove

  • We couldn’t help notice the rugged Mechanix Wear gloves in the wild, loved by riders but lacking the features specific to riding. We met the team at Mechanix Wear, because they were Kitsbow customers. The next step was obvious.


    • All Mountain
    • Cross Country/Race
    • Damp Climate
    • Mild Climate
    • Warm Climate

Kitchel Lightweight Glove

The Kitchel started with a need for a functionally simple, minimal feeling glove especially for hot weather. It evolved to become a glove with maximum feel for the handlebar, but “fade away” once underway, with no binding, no hot spots, almost as if it weren’t there. The Kitchel inspires confidence and control.

Our customers told us that it needed to be tough and literally handle the stress of hard use, staying put on the wrist and protecting from abrasion from trees and brush on the trail. The close-fit wrist cuff provides security and keeps in place, but isn’t noticeable when you start to ride. Vent holes provide aeration; a flash of Kitsbleu marks these as Kitsbow gear.

Mechanix Wear tapped their huge expertise in professional work gloves to strike the balance we specified.

Fabrication & Features

  • needed!

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