Long Sleeve A/M Jersey

    • This was one of the hot Kitsbow products way back in 2013...

      The key to this jersey is the fabric, which is a blend of Cordura and Merino wool. Cordura used on the outside to help the garment resist typical wear seen on a wool jersey. Also atypical is the dual pocket rear, opposed to the standard three rear pockets. This helps facilitate use of a pack and ease of pocket access. We used a full length zipper for layering and ventilating, with a fleece-lined collar for comfort.

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Fabrication & Features

  • Blend of Cordura and Merino Wool
  • Dual Side Pockets
  • Full length zipper for ventilation and comfortable layering


"After months of use from late fall into winter, I’ve put this on my list of gear to pack if I was leaving tomorrow to ride around the world. It is comfortable, sturdy and cut well, has a low profile on and off the bike, and would look fine with a T-shirt and jeans"

Dirt Rag Mag
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