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Together by Don Rimx Tee


In 2020 the internationally renowned muralist Don Rimx came to Old Fort, NC to create a new installation of art on the side of a historic brick building (originally the town’s movie theater). His mural would commemorate the courage and persistence of a protest led by the Black children of the town to desegregate schools and register to attend school -- an event held years before the civil rights movement gained momentum.

The Together by Don Rimx Tee was created in a collaboration of Kitsbow and Don, to celebrate not only the mural but also a renewed sense of shared purpose among the long-time residents of the town and more recent arrivals. Working together, sharing a home.

Half of the profit of each shirt sold will be donated to People on the Move for Old Fort, the organization that spearheaded the mural project and a new documentary film about the mural and the history that led the town to this new start.

TS Designs (an over 50-year old North Carolina Company) uses a water-based print and dye process, which eliminates shrinkage and design fade, but more importantly has a lower environmental impact than standard processes.

  • Women's cut
  • Pre-washed, pre-shrunk, guaranteed to stay soft
  • Distinctive fit. Not a blocky graphic tee
  • Sewn in the USA (North Carolina)
Length (in.) Chest Circumference (in.) Length (cm.)
Chest Circumference (cm.)
S 25.6 36.0 65.1 91.4
M 26.3 38.0 66.7 96.5
L 26.9 41.0 68.3 104.1
XL 27.5 43.0 69.9 109.2

Note: These are suggested sizing guidelines. Please reach out with any specific questions regarding sizing. We advise following your 'typical' tee size.


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